Helping Hollis!

A local food-based business? We were hardly going to say no…

The all-organic dairy farm company based in the beautiful Corscombe countryside, Hollis Mead, is keeping us Dorset folk fed and hydrated with their oh-so-creamy products.

With a strong focus on the welfare of their animals, the farming team take great pride in caring for their cows and even appeared on ITV news for serenading the cows (it’s said to relax them and produce even more delicious milk!).

Having worked hard to distribute milk vending machines all around Dorset, it has meant more people can have access to milk on the go, filling up re-usable glass bottles and preventing plastic waste. The popularity of the vending machines is growing, with more being added all the time (look out in towns and villages near you!). We’re lucky to have one just a hop and skip away from the office.

We’re over the moon to be working with them to help share their story, ethos, passion and products far and wide. The project will include copy writing, photography and building a more informative and user-friendly website which will feature an online shop filled with a ‘farm to fork’ style pantry and dairy products. Yum!

To find out more about Hollis Mead’s fresh, organic and sustainable dairy products click here.