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The joy of a website – with a click of a button your world can be in someone else’s; just like that…

Whether you have a story to tell, a gallery of work to show, or a backroom of stock crying out for a home, a presence on the world wide web should be one of your must-haves. However, its size and technical ability comes down to your wish-list.

We will guide you through the different possibilities for the purpose of your site – whether it’s a simple portfolio website promoting a service, a bespoke website capturing data, or an e-commerce sales platform connecting you to customers. At Lolly, we work with you to understand your objective, your product, your customer and most importantly… you. We’ll design and build a website that encapsulates your brand values and personality whilst capturing the imagination.

We understand the way consumers interact with the digital world, walking through a customer’s journey as they would. With every website, our aim is to streamline the user experience from the moment they engage with you to when they checkout – limiting bounce rates and maximising conversions, whether they’re viewing on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Your site will be integrated with data capture forms and social media – including Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Shop if applicable – as well as mailing platforms, so you can connect with your customers with ease.

Behind the scenes, site analytics will be enabled, and Google Analytics integrated. Our digital masterminds work their magic optimising your website with keywords, on page SEO and off page SEO, meta descriptions, and meta tags, ensuring your site is ranking in Google organically.

Your website is your shop window, but much bigger. Make it something you’re proud of millions to see.