A photo of Sherborne Abbey in Dorset, the town named 'Best place to live' by the Times and Sunday Times for 2024.


We’re clicking our ruby slippers today and beaming with pride because there truly is no place like home. Our hometown, Sherborne, has been awarded ‘Best place to live in the Southwest’ by the Times and the Sunday Times. Dubbing our town as ‘handsome and historic’ whilst recognising that it’s the ‘friendly, energetic population that gives the town its rizz’ the Times have popped us on the map, and we couldn’t be happier.

For those of us that live (and work) here, it’s no big secret, but it’s rather special to see in print a place you care so much about with several of your friends, clients and neighbouring businesses getting a shoutout too. From our artisanal and creative corner of town, known as Old Yarn Mills, the wonderful, wine-swirling lot at Vineyards got a mention, they’re our neighbour and award-winning client (yes, we know how dangerous being seconds away from the ‘Best wine shop in the UK’ is every day), so we’re delighted for them.

The marvellous mid-century antique specialists at Molecula (who you may recognise as regulars on TV’s Salvage Hunters) were interviewed by the Times, shining a light on the growing community of dealers, makers, creatives, and artists flocking to the Old Yarn Mills quarter of Sherborne and making it their home. When you step outside of Lolly HQ these days, there are now more and more inspiring businesses on our doorstep doing great things within their industries locally, and nationally.

Head onto the high street, you’ll find the main strip Cheap St lined with fabulous independent retailers, knowledgeable specialists, foodie outlets and a buzzing café culture scene – many housed within some rather charming, historic buildings that make Sherborne ‘picture perfect’. Beyond the shops and history, there are also a bucketload of worthy initiatives that make our community kind and welcoming – from local support groups to the newly launched Sherborne Pride, which we’re chuffed to be sponsoring this year and eagerly awaiting its ‘coming out’ launch this summer.

…and this is just a snapshot. This ‘Best place to live’ listing comes in the same week that Sherborne Town Council scooped a sustainability award at the House of Lords as part of the ‘Let’s Celebrate Towns’ initiative. Sherborne is simply shining at the moment, and we’re here for the rays, ready with our shades.

The Times summed up Sherborne’s win as ‘high-class shops, schools and society mean this cultured town takes the top spot.’ If we were to give our fab little town a strapline, it would be… Sherborne, the place to be.

Oh, and for our social media followers… Sherborne, ‘IYKYK’ 😉