Lolly design work for insert cards


Working with people is part of Lolly’s DNA. Each day, we connect and build lasting relationships that matter on behalf of our clients – seeking opportunities to strengthen their brand’s awareness, reach new audiences, and partner with likeminded individuals.

Aligning yourselves with brands can have huge advantages for your products, but only if they’re the right fit you. This is where we come in. As custodians of your brand, we will research potential collaborators and vet enquiries to ensure the proposed partnership is on brand, on message, shares similar values, and reaches your target market.

When you tick these boxes, you could see social follows, data capture, and sales go through the roof. We have seen first-hand success with joint in-pack initiatives (one particular competition achieving over 70,000 entries), recipe collaborations, and social media competitions widening reach and brand exposure.

Great care is then taken to nurture these relationships, growing into long-term partnerships where both partnering brands – and the wider Lolly portfolio – can benefit from a little black book of contacts whenever we see an opportunity arise.