An exterior shot of the Brighton Centre, where BrightonSEO is hosted.


Under a backdrop of blue skies, a pebbly beach, and some lively seagulls, two of our digital Lollies ventured southeast to Brighton last month to the world’s largest search marketing conference: Brighton SEO.

Brighton SEO has one aim: to help the marketing world meet, network, and keep their insights and skills in the world of search engine optimisation as fresh as possible. With two days to learn from the ‘best in the biz’, our team dived into all the conference had to offer. From talks on why people search and consumer behaviour, to semantic SEO strategies and navigating Search Engine Results Pages known more commonly as SERPS (yes, this is a thing!) The team had quite the fill of eye-opening speakers – we can safely say creative juices have been flowing ever since.

The biggest talking point of course was A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) – the hot topic on every business’ mind. Is it good, is it evil? Will it take over the world, and our jobs? The jury’s still out but one thing’s for sure – it’s a powerful tool that can support, challenge, and create new and exciting perspectives on how we, as an agency, approach our marketing strategy and support our clients’ vision.

Team ‘takeaways’

Richard, Technical Director, said: “The various talks around the latest trends and methods to the technical aspects of SEO were really informative in addition to the ability to share thoughts and ideas with fellow geeks from the industry.”

Jack, Digital Director, said “I had a brilliant time, it’s so refreshing to take time out of the office to learn from strategic minds in the world of search, and discover new ways and perspectives on how to give our clients the best marketing opportunities to grow their business. My favourite session was on customer search intent and some of the new A.I. features available on Google. It was interesting to understand identifying the different stages of consumer behaviour, and content ideas to support these intent points.”