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At the heart of PR is people – it’s all about who you know, how well you know them, how hard you have worked at building a strong relationship, and how likeable you are as a brand, a business, and ultimately, a human being. Like the many talent shows on TV, to get support from others and top the public vote, you need to resonate with people and be relevant – you need them to not just like you, but champion you.

Through years of experience and a little black book of well-chosen contacts, Lolly can transform your ideas into impactful messages that resonate with your target audience – positioning you as an expert and elevating your brand’s authority and visibility.

With a personalised public relations strategy, you gain some control over your own narrative. If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. What can it do for your brand or business?

1. The power of a good story: PR focuses on earning media coverage rather than paying for it. Instead of purchasing ad space, PR revolves around working with publications to feature your story because it genuinely resonates with their readers. This approach provides an unparalleled level of credibility and trust.

2. Relevance: to gain media coverage, your story must be relevant and topical. A skilled PR strategy combines both proactive and reactive approaches – from profile pieces and media training to alerts and press releases – each tactic contributes to an overall narrative that captures the attention of journalists and readers alike. On the pulse of your industry, PR helps you stay relevant and engaging.

3. The art of timing: in the world of PR, success hinges on knowing where and how to pitch your story. It’s essential to handover your story to the right publications and journalists – we’ll get your message into the right hands, crafting the perfect angle and delivering it at the right time to ensure your message is heard.

4. Crisis management: while we all hope to avoid crises, they can sometimes be inevitable. In challenging times, effective crisis PR management is vital. PR acts as the ultimate tool for managing and controlling the narrative, preventing misinformation, and mitigating damage to your brand’s reputation – helping you regain trust and restore your brand’s image.

To make sure your brand is in the right place at the right time but, most importantly, in the right hands, give us a call or pop by for a cuppa. With the right support, you can steer your own story to success.