A Bespoke Finish

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve started working with interior and bespoke furniture designers The Dormy House. The family run business in the heart of Hampshire has proudly been making stylish storage solutions, beautiful upholstery and luxury soft furnishings since it began in 1981.

With a touch of elegance and charm, we’ve waved our magic wands to help refresh the company’s brand and identity. Working closely with the Dormy team, we’re currently helping with all aspects of their marketing including social media, newsletters, website and advertising, ensuring they’re on trend, consumer-focussed and above all, offering customers a delightful shopping experience.

The journey towards the fresh new branding started with photoshoots over the summer, under direction from creative content agency Chicken Shed Studios. The team helped produce beautiful, timeless imagery for the new collections and paint colours in an idyllic setting.

With the new products and imagery a wrap, back in the Studio, we worked on collection names suited to the styling of the products, the brand and its history. From the historically timeless ‘Ripley’ to the quintessentially English ‘Rochester’ collection – they aim to inspire and transport, inviting customers to really get a feel for a collection while browsing online.

September saw everything piece together, a new-look logo, stylish website imagery, an inspiring door-drop brochure, trendy socials and weekly oh-so-tempting newsletters, all in time for their Autumn launch.

If you and your home are after a much-needed Autumn treat, have a browse of their website or socials here:

Website  //  Instagram  //  Facebook  //  Pinterest