Our very first client and what a dynamic place to begin. The College had big ambitions for its future and needed to reach out to its Alumni to realise them. They needed to increase fundraising from private sources to defend and enhance its academic reputation.

One of the college’s greatest resources is its alumni, many of whom are wealthy and retain a sense of affection, loyalty and even obligation to their alma mater. If approached in the right way, these people could enable the college to ensure that its activities are not merely excellent, they are gilt-edged.


To raise money from their alumni to promote the College’s academic achievements needed brand creation. We re-established and redrew the original crest, developing a complete set of unified marketing materials – at all time first! We commissioned the talented photographer Kin Ho to photograph the whole site, members and students giving us valuable collateral so we were able to produce comprehensive print and digital collateral.

Now the College was in the right place to communicate with its alumni. In the first five years of working with St John’s, they raised enough money to build the award-winning Kendrew Quadrangle designed by Sir Richard MacCormac’s MJP Architects.

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