Forced to create and establish a new brand from old, Lolly was commissioned to develop a memorable and refreshing different looking logo that reflected the personality and ethos of the company, its staff and of its founder Sandra Smart.

By choosing the name of Octopus, Sandra was keen to build on its association with ‘multi-tasking‘ and ‘many hands make light work’, something which chimed with the recruitment of permanent and temporary staff. Once developed, Sandra was keen to roll out the brand and to create a new web site that encouraged and facilitated candidate and client recruitment.


A fresh new, colourful, contemporary and instantly recognisable looking logo. The subsequent New website is light in style or content and actively works to encourage candidate sign ups, CV submissions and peer to peer sharing via social media. A simple content management system allows for complete back end access and simplifies the posting and targeting of job vacancies with automated job alerts.

Stuart and his team at Lolly take time to get to know their Clients as individuals, which in turn gives every confidence that they understand the needs and requirements of the Company. The team are always available to discuss options and respect the fact that, in most cases, a budget has been allocated and needs to be worked within. If you are looking for inspiration, “outside of the box” thinking and ice cool ideas, then don’t waste any more time – ring Lolly today!

Sandra Smart – Octopus Personnel

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