As one of the UK’s oldest garden tool manufacturer, Burgon & Ball faced stiff competition from cheap imported competition, resulting in reduced sales, margins and shelf space as retailers reduced their lines. The brief, to re-launch Burgon & Ball as a premium product, to reinforce and highlight the brands heritage and history, emphasise its British origins and to educate both the trade and consumers about the advantages of buying a quality garden tool. As the brief succeeded and retailers sort additional lines this brief was further extended to include garden accessories and licenced ventures with Sophie Conran and the Royal Horticultural Society.


A comprehensive PR initiative to encourage third party and independent endorsement by garden journalists and media observers. At its peak, the campaign was achieving media exposure worth approx. £600k per annum and succeeded in driving traffic, changing perceptions and reinforcing reputations. Trade brochures and supplementary sales materials were design to reinforce the core brand values and to support trade sales.

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