Time to go digital

The closure of thousands of retailers on our highstreets is a reminder of the challenges of 2020. With an already shifting trend to shopping online before the pandemic, covid has accelerated already-changing shopping habits, so much so that they have become the new normal.

In recent months, online shopping has gone from a convenience to a necessity. This time last year, the average consumer believed they needed to experience products in person but faced with the restrictions this year, people (and the way they spend!) have adapted to the changing times. And as a result, online sales have skyrocketed and continue to do just that. It’s now imperative that brands go digital if they haven’t already, and that their service is only ever a click away.

With our clients, we have seen first-hand the positive impact having a strong, user-friendly digital presence has had during this negative and uncertain year. With what was originally a worry in March, with our help, they have instead utilised their platforms, seeing an increase in year-on-year sales, and a rise in following and engagement across social media and their databases. This has enabled them to continue to build loyal customer bases and be present in their online community.

If you’re looking for ways to shift online but not quite sure where to start, we can offer the advice, support and expertise to grow your digital presence. For more information about the digital services we offer, please do get in touch.