Signs of Spring

Emerald has now become a staple of the Lolly calendar, with the whole team getting stuck into the projects to help produce three Emerald’s for McCarthy Stone per year.

But this edition was particularly special. Not only the 10th edition since its launch in 2017, but it was also the first formal communication sent to their homeowners to present their new branding ‘Life, well lived’.

Homeowners received on their doorstep a rebranded magazine, which followed tight guidelines from layout, typography and photography as well as the tone of voice – where the key message is championing the role, wellbeing and happiness of older people in society. A big project at Lolly, we really wanted to make sure we showcased the great work of McCarthy Stone’s marketing team in its best light.

Readers could delve into articles such as The Great Wild Swim, encouraged to find their inner adventurer, Holidaying in North Norfolk, and planning for the future from a holiday of a lifetime to the simple things we’ve all missed such as cocktails in the garden with friends.

It’s been a delight as always to plan, produce, design and write the magazine, and this time with a new exciting editorial stance! It won’t be long ‘til we pick up our pens again for edition 11 in the summer…