Making Staff the Stars of the Show

Within every company, no matter the size, there’s the people who run the day-to-day operations, the front of house staff, and those working behind the scenes to making sure everything ticks.

We have had immense pleasure working as an extension of the Communications team at McCarthy & Stone for over two years. A FTSE 100 company, they employ over 2,500 staff nationally across Head Office, Regional Offices and in the developments themselves.

Internal communications have been a huge focus for the company over the past couple of years, with Lolly being employed to help bridge the gap between the organisation and their thousands of homeowners. Since Christmas 2017, we have produced six issues of their lifestyle magazine, Emerald, which shares McCarthy & Stone’s business updates, homeowner stories, and news and events from the developments. The publication has been a huge success.

This autumn, the focus has shifted closer to home to their staff. Everyone who is employed by McCarthy & Stone will be making a difference to someone’s life, yet they may not necessarily know how. It was felt that there was a disconnect between Head and Regional Offices and the hundreds of developments across the country.

Unsure how to reconnect everyone, with the help of Lolly, a series of case study style videos have been filmed, art directed, produced and presented internally sharing the stories of their homeowners and the staff working at the developments. Digital content has been the key to bringing everyone together in engaging and entertaining way. The films have been so well received they have featured in many external conference presentations such as the Retirement Living & Care Home Conference 2019, and they may be launched as part of a marketing campaign in 2020 which would be fantastic to see.

As part of the initiative to communicate more with staff, we are also helping with monthly updates filming their CEO, John Tonkiss. Distributed internally, these short but informative videos provide a snapshot of what has been going on in the business that month in a light-hearted tone. The staff will achieve a wider understanding of the business and its progress as a whole while being able to see first-hand the difference their work makes.