Golden doorstep deliveries

When we’re with Clarence Court, the most exclusive family of eggs in Britain, it’s by no surprise we end up at some of the most luxury postcodes.

In the company of friend and food photographer David Loftus, we visited Fortnum & Mason this week to capture Clarence Court delivering daily to London’s finest hotels, restaurants and eateries.

Styled in all its festivities, Fortnum’s doorstep will be the backdrop to Clarence Court’s latest trade campaign, with a box of their famed Burford Browns shining centre stage.

Launching soon, it aims to encourage other companies to trial Clarence Court eggs, experiencing for themselves the richness and quality of the products. Served in restaurants across the capital, watch Clarence Court’s collection of Chef Films for delicious dishes you no doubt will be tempted to try.

Can you spot the difference? Thanks to our fabulous design wiz Chris and his magical Photoshop skills, we tweaked the original image (left) to make it more appropriate for an advert (right). We’ll give you a clue, look closely at the ‘M’…