Fresh from the oven, we’re proud to have recently launched a fabulous new cookbook with Clarence Court. Their cookbook Eggstravaganza is a celebration of eggs in all their glory and was a fantastic project to work on, which involved the entire Lolly team.

Clarence Court are royalty when it comes to British eggs and are the basis of many exquisite dishes from top chefs in British restaurants, as well as being an at home foodie favourite. Eggstravaganza contains over 80 fabulous recipes from the Clarence Court Kitchen, from sizzling Shakshuka and exotic egg creations to heavenly bakes and delectable cakes – it’s a gourmet tour de force!

From shooting images of fabulous eggs and dishes, cooked by the marvellous chefs, stylists and recipe developers with whom we are proud to work, to photo editing and digital design, our photography and studio team, affectionately known as ‘Team Egg’ were proud to carry out the visual production of Eggstravaganza in its entirety.

We were proud to showcase such seamless collaboration between our studio and copy team from start to finish in the creation of Eggstravaganza. Our copywriting team brought both much-loved and never-before-seen Clarence Court recipes to life, in accordance with the elevated tone of voice required, demonstrating the importance of strong cohesion between copy and design.

Following the physical production of the book, our social media team rose to the challenge of promoting Eggstravaganza to over 53,000 followers and a community of prospective readers. They used innovative email marketing strategies, along with influencer marketing, to reach out to well-known food bloggers and chefs for successful ad-PR opportunities, which allowed Eggstravaganza to reach even greater audiences.

Since its launch, the cookbook has been met with excitement by Clarence Court customers, devotees and food enthusiasts, and we are pleased that our team continue to process a flurry of cookbook orders every day, on behalf of the Clarence Court Boutique.

We can’t wait to see how the foodie community continue to enjoy Eggstravaganza and we are proud to be strengthening the presence of a fabulous egg brand in the hearts, minds and kitchens of British food lovers. As always, we have thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a wonderful first achievement for one of our longstanding clients.

Pick up your copy of Eggstravaganza here.