A Soaring Social Success

Here at Lolly, our social media team have had the pleasure of helping our delicious client with their social media and marketing. Putting on their Clarence Court thinking caps, we devised some of our most successful campaigns to date to increase sales, brand awareness and grow their social media following.

Between the summer months of May and August, Lolly ran a summer campaign across all Clarence Court’s platforms which proved to be a HUGE success. Exceeding ours and our client’s expectations, the ads excelled in reach and in web traffic in comparison to last year.

This success couldn’t have been achieved without the help of our creative studio team who whipped up some incredible artwork which caught the eyes of Clarence Court followers. The beautiful lifestyle and product shots by the fabulous food photographer, David Loftus, styled by Team Egg’s food stylists, Pip Spence and Libby Silverman showcased the eggs in all their glory.

Since the summer, Lolly have gone above and beyond for Clarence Court’s Instagram, helping them celebrate British Egg Week (7th-13th October) and World Egg Day (11th October). This social media campaign aimed to champion the egg as a universal food product all over the world.

Utilising all platforms, we took to Twitter, sharing egg facts throughout the week with the help of our brand ambassador ‘thewholefoodwarrior’, and Facebook to share our worldwide recipes. Clarence Court followers were taken on a whistle-stop-tour around the world through Instagram stories. Focusing on Clarence Court’s international recipes, a new recipe was shared each day accompanied by artwork in the form of boarding passes, creating a sense of travelling. To top off the week, a generous competition sent the followers soaring- who doesn’t want to win a year’s supply of complimentary Clarence Court eggs!

We are proud to say that although this was a success story for Clarence Court, so was it for Lolly. The team had short time frame to execute this, but it was so effective, with the World Egg Day competition being our most engaged post so far!