A Captain’s Thank You

It’s always so incredibly lovely when our wonderful clients say thank you for the work that we do here at Lolly! This month we received an extra special thanks from Sea Cadets for our assistance on an extremely worthwhile and exciting project.

As a truly inspirational charity, Sea Cadets help to equip teenagers from diverse backgrounds with the skills and mindset they need to cope with the changing world they’re going into. Through activities both on and off the water, the cadets learn and grow in copious ways that positively impact their current and future selves.

Before Lolly climbed aboard, Sea Cadets were traditionally pinning posters to the walls to inform their cadets of the incredible activities on offer. However, they explained that this form of advertising was particularly limiting. Not only did it rely on the cadets remembering to inform their parents of these opportunities, but a lack of space restricted the full breadth of these activities being communicated effectively.

In today’s increasingly digital-first world, it was clear that Sea Cadets needed an activities section on their online portal to increase the awareness, appeal and accessibility of these opportunities…and so that’s exactly what Lolly did!

Now, each and every cadet has been provided with a unique number that grants them access to the portal. Here, they can easily explore the vast range of activities that they are eligible for and a simple online sign-up is resulting in more cadets than ever before registering to attend events that spark their interest. As a result of this development, Sea Cadets have informed us that even more wonderful and life-changing memories are now being made.

Captain Russell personally thanked Lolly with this delightful message,

“Thank you so much for all you have done to help us steer this project through stormy, unchartered seas, and bringing this safely home, as expected, and to great applause”

We are more than delighted to be staying onboard with Sea Cadets and continuing to take the portal forward in the future!

To find out more about Sea Cadets and the marvellous work they do, explore their website here.